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You want to change your location, have inherited and want to sell or need liquid funds for an investment?


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Based on the data you enter, such as type, size, age, equipment and location of your property, our tool gives an indication of the market price range of your property and thus lays the first foundation for the potential valuation of your property.

It is essential, however, that this market price range can only give you an initial indication of the actual market value, which we will quote to you following a personal appraisal and discussion with you. Amoreal also advises you on the basis of our experience and with a success-proven and dynamic team on current market data, interest rates and options for your property, which an online tool cannot provide.

We address your individual ideas and provide you with an assessment of whether a sale is possible at the current time or whether there may still be renovations to increase the value of your property in the short term and the associated higher marketing price. The team of Amoreal goes deep into the matter with you and gives exact insights into the current market situation of the real estate industry. This way you are best advised and receive an exact market price for your house, apartment or multi-family house in Hamburg or the whole of Northern Germany.

Together we develop an innovative and creative marketing strategy according to your personal ideas and based on your individual requirements. You have the demand, we fulfill it!

Taking into account the parameters of square meterage, condition, age of the property, its building structure, equipment as well as possible uses and the existing development potential, we determine the market-driven sales price for your property. The position of a unit in a building, for example, is also relevant in some properties. With regard to multi-family houses and investment properties, there are even more factors to be taken into account, which we at Amoreal include in the property valuation.

Our real estate consultants place a special focus on the location in which your property is located:

  • Is it a heavily or less populated region?
  • What is the local infrastructure like?
  • Are there future construction projects in the immediate vicinity?
  • What are the transport connections?
  • How is the infrastructure designed for different target groups such as families with children?

All these are points that are relevant for your property. The Amoreal team has the necessary expertise and the wealth of experience from numerous successful sales to provide you with this information on the market value and sales options of your property. These mentioned criteria are decisive for the exact classification.

We would be happy to support you in deciding on a suitable location for your dream property and accordingly your new home. You want to make an investment and you are not able to assess the market situation at the moment? We are at your side with advice and support as well as an innovative strategy – geared to many scenarios.

Take a look at our current real estate offers. At Amoreal you will find what you are looking for – no matter what your real estate needs are.