Real estate sale

Selling a property is an emotional matter. We treat your property like our own.

The sale of a property is associated with a variety of emotions.

At at least one point in the process chain, the heart of each individual involved beats faster.

At Amoreal, we provide you with authentic and holistic support, with a permanent real estate consultant as your personal contact for the sale of one of your most valuable assets. Your real estate consultant supports you at all times transparently, individually and with an open ear within the framework of the marketing strategy tailored to your property.

Discretion and tact in dealing with potential buyers and external persons are our top priority and a matter of course for us.

Amoreal’s to-do list for well-rounded marketing

Preparation of your personal real estate valuation

Amoreal determines the current market value and the corresponding fair market sales price for you. There are many online valuation tools. We also have one – this gives you initial indications and a rough direction in which the market value of your property is located.

Preparation & creation of detailed sales documents

We take care of obtaining or preparing all documents relevant to the sale, such as land register excerpts, building plans or tenant lists, as well as preparing the exposé. For this purpose, we prepare floor plans and measurements, have living space calculations carried out and prepare an energy certificate.

High quality exposés with professional photographs

In order to give potential buyers a comprehensive impression, we create high-quality photos, video and drone footage as well as 3D tours and thus achieve that your property is shown from its best side. We depict this side in the exposés.

(Media) marketing within individual & innovative marketing strategies

We set your object – depending on individual agreement – in scene:

– Use of our network
– Customer approach with suitable search criteria
– Marketing via the website
– Marketing via social media channels
– Marketing via real estate portals
– Sales gallows signs and/or foliations
– NEW BUILDS: Open house events in the shell of the building
– NEW BUILDS: Marketing via construction fence banners and construction signs
– NEW BUILDS: visualizations & own project landing pages

Support throughout the entire sales process with your personal real estate consultant

Of course, we at Amoreal take over in the sales process:

– Carrying out all viewing appointments
– Checking the creditworthiness of potential buyers
– Conducting and supporting contract negotiations
– Preparations for purchase contract and notary appointment
– Complete handling up to the notarization
– Accompaniment to the notary appointment
– Handover of the property
– Personal consultation also after conclusion of the sales contract

We have convinced you of our range of services?

We get the wheel rolling through the initial accurate and confidential consultation with your personal contact who will guide you through the entire sales process.